Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in pursuing ministry, but where do I start?
Our Ministry Training page is the perfect place to start. There you will find an overview of ministerial descriptions, process steps, and contact information to take the first step.
I would like to talk to someone directly about planting a church. Who do I talk to?

For more information about church-planting, reach out to the Conference Office.

Email: office@emcfree.org   |   Call 810-687-8879

I am interested in community church planting, where should I start?

For links, slideshows, and contact information on community church planting, visit our Church Planting Resources page.

I am interested in employment with the East Michigan Conference. What do I do?
Download our application for employment. You may also wish to view our information on the ordination process if you are not currently an ordained minister.  If you have further questions, call the conference office at 810-687-8879.

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