About Us

The East Michigan Conference is not a church, but rather a collection of (currently) 38 churches.

The Free Methodist Church USA organizes its churches into conferences worldwide, so as to guide and connect local churches most efficiently. The churches in our conference vary widely. Some are traditional churches with organs and pianos. Some are contemporary churches with drums and guitars. Some contain mostly younger people and some contain mostly older people. Some have been around for decades, and others just a couple of years. Some are multi-ethnic and some are not. But they are all Free Methodist Churches and therefore agree on the basics.

The Free Methodist Way

Christ-Compelled Multiplication

The Gospel of Jesus Christ — the message He proclaimed, the life He lived, and the ministry He modeled — set into motion a redemptive movement destined to fill the whole earth.

Life-Giving Holiness

God’s call to holiness was never meant to be a burden, but a gift that liberates us for life that is truly life by delivering us from the destructive power of sin.

Cross-Cultural Collaboration

From the beginning, God’s intent was to have a people from every nation, culture and ethnicity, united in Christ and commissioned to carry out His work in the world.

Love-Driven Justice

Love is the way we demonstrate God’s heart for justice by valuing the image of God in all men, women, and children, acting with compassion toward the oppressed, resisting oppression, and stewarding Creation.

God-Given Revelation

We hold unwaveringly to our conviction that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and our final authority in all matters of faith and practice.